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HumanBookkeeping.com™ was founded on the principle that the classic local bookkeeping business model was out-of-date. In the past ten years, we have seen a steady and dramatic increase in the technological resources for accounting and bookkeeping services. Many local bookkeepers seem content to continue business as usual, and they have not extended these time-saving and efficient benefits to their clients.

By using new technologies such as cloud-based accounting, real-time communication & collaboration, 24/7/365 remote access, and secure electronic record storage, HumanBookkeeping.com™ is able to offer superior services to our customers for less.

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Our Managing Bookkeepers are among the best in the business, allowing us the flexibility to offer professional, comprehensive & all-in-one services that save you time, hassle, and money.

  • We carry an Employee Dishonesty Bond of $25,000 through Hartford Insurance.
  • Covered under Errors & Omissions Insurance through Hartford.
  • We use extensive private investigator assisted background checks in vetting our bookkeepers.
  • We offer industry leading technologies & best practices, matched to your business.
  • Our Managing Bookkeepers have access to some of the latest bookkeeping technology available to increase efficiency and lower costs, including: High-speed industrial scanners, optical character recognition (OCR) technology, 256-bit encrypted servers, environmentally-friendly paperless processes.
  • Our staff enjoy a friendly work environment with team members who care.

It takes a lot to be a HumanBookkeeping.com™ accountant: experience, knowledge, good background, proper credentials, proper insurance and bonding, technological savvy, and being a good team player. Sure, there are some good local bookkeepers working solo out of their houses; but do they have the accuracy, background, insurance/bonding, and most importantly, the breadth of knowledge of a Human Bookkeeping ™ accountant ? For more information on our rigorous selection process, click here.

Is your local bookkeeper bonded and insured for dishonesty and errors & omissions? All of our Bookkeeping Services Team are bonded and insured.

Is your bookkeeper background checked? Don’t end up a statistic – work with a managed team! To find out how we screen our team, click here!


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