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Is the Switch Really Worth It?

So your company would like to stay on track with the ever-changing technological trends and capabilities, but you have not quite decided to take the leap and move your Accounting information into the world of the online? It may be helpful to understand a few of the differences between the desktop version and Quickbooks online.

Quickbooks is an on-premise accounting solution used by many Small and Medium-Sized Business owners. However, the fact remains that many SMB’s budget constraints can be the prime reason for using such a well-established and user-friendly interface. It does not appear that Quickbooks online is the replacement of Quickbooks desktop, and in fact, has been described by a popular Quickbooks expert as more like “chocolate and peanut butter, great on their own, but together, they are special”.

Convenient Features of Quickbooks Online:

  • Aside from the ease of instant access to all of your Accounting information anytime, anywhere, Quickbooks online can create a more manageable platform in which to work, allowing users to share pertinent information from a remote location
  • Upgrades are free, without having to purchase new software each time
  • You can create an activity log to trail audit needs
  • Instant access to invoice and sales information, with the ability to email directly to your customer. Charges and billing fall under this convenience as well
  • Email reporting, offering your company with access to tracking and reporting on customer and/or employee communications
  • Multiple Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable lines for journal entries
  • Integration with available applications, and compatible with tablets and smartphones
  • With several packages available, you may also choose which payment plan works best for your company
  • Online support at no additional cost

Quickbooks Desktop version:

  • The Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions offer a variety of package options for users, depending upon your company’s needs
  • The Quickbooks Statement writer, sales orders, and item receipts, and receiving partial purchase orders
  • Integration with Quickbooks Point of Sale and Quickbooks Bill Pay
  • Flexibility with customization of forms and reports
  • Several one-time purchase packages are available for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses. Customer support, data backups, and updates are offered with an annual subscription
  • Information is not stored online, reducing the rick of hacked data

To be sure, each option of Quickbooks, whether online or in a desktop format, is best determined by your company’s needs and the cost analysis comparison in regards to that. Having the convenience of information available at your fingertips online may be the necessary step your company must make in order to stay on top of the competition.

With varying Accounting software options making themselves known to SMB’s, it is worth the time it takes to dig a bit deeper and research the best choice for you.

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