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At HumanBookkeeping.com™, one of our largest customer segments is non-profits and associations. We offer a cost-effective non-profit bookkeeping service. Additionally, we do the books with an almost paperless method that many green-conscious non-profits appreciate.

Here’s how our bookkeeping service works: First we collect the data. We download any electronic information, such as read-only bank and credit card statements. We then send coded, postage-paid envelopes for copies of any paper records you may have. We then reconcile all the information and process the information usually through QuickBooks (we do work with other accounting packages such as Peachtree or Xero if the need is there). You get back your non-profit or association books in the form of electronic QuickBooks files or financial statements (if you don’t want to be involved with the accounting software).

The service uses a team approach which elevates accuracy and keeps costs low. We are often 40% less than using a non profit accounting and bookkeeping service from a CPA firm. (Of course, we provide a bookkeeping service and do not offer professional advice. If non profit accounting questions arise beyond the scope of a bookkeeping service, we can make an excellent referral to a CPA firm relationship with whom we work regularly).

Many local bookkeepers will claim to do non-profit accounting with little experience in actuality. Our non-profit bookkeepers and non-profit accountant referrals collectively provide non-profit accounting with excellence. We have no long-term contracts so we win our business month to month. We believe in the work of our non-profit customers and feel good about what we offer. This pride and empathy for the work of our non-profit customers shows in our service.

We are a family-owned, bonded and insured company with an excellent reputation with the BBB and other professional organizations. If you are in the market for non-profit accounting and could use a bookkeeping service that is at once both affordable, friendly, accessible, experienced, and accurate, we hope you will consider HumanBookkeeping.com™.

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