™ can help. We are expert bookkeepers that can help your small business with its bookkeeping needs. Here’s a short explanation of what Long-Term Liability means. If we can be of more help explaining what Long-Term Liability is or if we can help you with any of your small business bookkeeping needs, give us a call at 888-552-6657 (888-55Books)™ provides a way for small businesses to have outsourced bookkeeping at a significant savings. We provide our clients with pre-printed envelopes. You stuff the envelopes and our expert team does the rest with detailed reports and timely compliance support. Not to mention, you now have a team of experts at your disposal should you have questions or last-minute needs. Let’s start with answering what Long-Term Liability means:

A long-term liability is any liability that has a maturity of greater than one year. Financial managers compare their long-term liability to equity levels.

By increasing the debt to equity levels of a company, financial improvements have a greater impact on the equity position. This can, however, work in the opposite direction. A highly leveraged company is also more vulnerable to losses.

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