™ offers local bookkeeping services in over 500 locations. Sometimes a client needs on-site filing and other administrative work, or has several rooms of paperwork that need scanning to process. In such cases, we offer our Managed Placements service to provide a Local Bookkeeper.

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  • A local bookkeeper comes to your location
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Local Bookkeepers you can Trust

Our bookkeepers have between 10-25 years of experience, and their work is cross checked by a peer team leader. The bookkeeping is also reviewed by a Team Leader so you can have full confidence that the work is being done accurately and efficiently.

Bonded & Insured Bookkeeping

All of our bookkeeping services are covered in three parts. First, we have you covered under an Errors & Omissions Insurance by The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Second, we carry a $25,000 employee dishonesty bond. Third, we have a general liability insurance. Our policies provide the assurance our clients need to sleep easy!

Background-checked Bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers are among the best in the business. They average between 10-25 years experience. Our screened, peer-reviewed and tested bookkeeping team always uses a cross-check system to insure the accuracy of your small business bookkeeping.

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