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We’re certain that we can save you time and money on your small business accounting and bookkeeping. We also offer other consolidated services like Payroll, Tax Prep, CPA Consultation and CFO Services. We dramatically cut the costs of a local bookkeeper in Peoria, and improve the accuracy of your books! Plus, only with HumanBookkeeping.com™ do you have the option of friendly 10-25+ yrs of experience Local Bookkeeping or easy Envelope Bookkeeping™ services – both available with Quickbooks or the software program of your choice.

Peoria Local Service Area

We support a service area around Peoria including the following zip codes, neighborhoods, counties and nearby cities:

61601Altamont ParkBookkeeping in Adams
61610BevalonBookkeeping in Lemhi
61616Chadwick PlaceBookkeeping in Valley
61635Fairfox AdditionBookkeeping in Clearwater
61650Moss BradleyBookkeeping in Lewis
61656WindchimeBookkeeping in Washington

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If you are searching for a Bookkeeper in Peoria, we can save you big! Local bookkeepers in Peoria, Illinois don’t usually have the tools and capabilities that HumanBookkeeping.com™, a national provider, can employ. For a full detailing of our services, perks and benefits, please click the link to learn more about our friendly Local Bookkeeping or our simple Envelope Bookkeeping™ services – both available with Quickbooks or the software program of your choice.

Local Information

Peoria is one of the oldest settlements in Illinois, established in 1691 by the French explorer Henri de Tonti. There are a number of wonderful museums in the city, including the Pettengill-Morron House and the John C Flanagan House of the Peoria Historical Society, the Wheels o’ Time Museum, and the  Lakeview Museum for the Arts and Sciences. Peoria is the home to many great songwriters, musicians, and lyricists. The city is also home to the Peoria Civic Center that includes an arena, convention center, and theater, and Dozer Park, as well as an arts, dining, and entertainment area near the riverfront.

Peoria’s business district area includes corporate, governmental, convention, educational, and medical facilities. Caterpillar Inc., the city’s largest employer, has its world headquarters in Peoria. Medicine and health-care industry has become a major part and accounts for at least 25% of Peoria’s economy. Many other industries started gradually in Peoria, and these support a number of small business enterprises: carriage factories, furniture makers, pottery makers, wholesale warehousing, casting foundries, and even ice harvesting. HumanBookkeeping.com™ understands the challenges of small business owners, and we offer affordable and professional small business bookkeeping which eases your burden and allows you to focus on growing your business.

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