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Accounting Services

Sometimes you need help with accounting services, and in most cases, that’s included in your monthly fee.* Since our bookkeeping accounts are managed by qualified accountants, you have access to the kind of experience and knowledge that can help you attain thorough and complete financial understanding far beyond typical bookkeeping services.
*(up to 30 minutes/month)

The accounting services can be used for a variety of items:

  • To help you fully understand your financials
  • To look forward to your year-end taxes
  • To understand accounting principles that save

Optional services not included in your monthly fee:

  • Substantial Business Planning
  • Large-scope Accounting Services
  • Year-end Business Taxes
To help you fully understand your financials

Knowledge is power. While many larger businesses take full advantage of the knowledge good financials can provide – whether it be reducing your tax expense, finding “holes” in the budget, or seeing profit opportunities – many smaller businesses or non-profits fail to do so. As a HumanBookkeeping.com™  client, we encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity to speak with a professional accountant to help you finally understand what the financials actually mean.

To look forward to your year-end taxes

Whether one of our CPAs is doing your business taxes or a favored CPA you have a standing relationship with, Human Bookkeeping ™ can help! The best time to address tax issues is before year-end when you still have time to do something about it. Your free monthly consultation can be used to see what you can do to keep as little of your money in Uncle Sam’s hands.

To understand accounting principles to save and protect your money

Many small business owners can benefit from the accounting services department consultation simply to help understand some basic accounting principles and processes. Perhaps you know you are making money but haven’t implemented the proper cash flow strategy to keep you afloat while your business is booming. Perhaps you don’t fully understand internal controls that can help ward off embezzlement. Take advantage of the 30 minute consultation monthly with the accounting services team!


Optional expertise at your fingertips (not included in your monthly fee):


Substantial Business Planning

The HumanBookkeeping.com™ management team has written a number of funded business plans. In fact, our management has been involved in writing plans for over $25 million dollars in venture capital and angel financing. When your business moves to the next stage, we are there with you!

Large-scope Accounting Services

While short monthly consultations are included in your fee, there are times when major reports are needed. Whether through our own team or through referrals, HumanBookkeeping.com™ can help with almost all your accounting services needs.

Year-end Business Taxes

All small business tax returns are done by CPAs. Unfortunately, there is growing evidence that the IRS may audit small business tax returns that aren’t prepared by a CPA. Therefore, we made the decision a number of years ago to have all the tax preparation done by CPAs. Whoever does your taxes should be a CPA – saving on small business taxes is one of the most important ways an accountant can help you. That, however, doesn’t mean HumanBookkeeping.com™ tax preparation referrals are expensive. In fact, our small business tax returns are often over half the cost of comparable CPAs!

Disclaimer: Please note that Human Companies ™, Inc. ™ is not a CPA firm nor licensed as such. While we do have CPAs available, a CPA firm offers services that Human Companies ™ ™ does not, such as public company auditing. Human Companies ™’ bookkeepers do not offer legal opinions, legal advice, nor accountancy opinions, not tax advice – only the CPA should give tax advice.

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